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Transforming the Relationship between Dogs and Their Owners

Your Premier North San Diego County Trainer.
Kandid k9 brown chihuahua pup dog traine

At Kandid K9's Dog Training School, our goal is to find the exact amount of motivation that is needed for your dog to get them listening, and performing their best. We want your dogs to want to listen to you, so our techniques and methods are carefully chosen from our ‘toolbox’ to best fit your needs as our client, and your dog’s needs most of all! Our goal is to transform the relationship between dogs and their owners.

We correct behavioral concerns with your dog such as:

House Training

House Training

Dog Aggression


Crate Training, puppy training, Dog Training San Marcos

Crate Training

Dog Training San Marcos

Leash Pulling

Potty Training

Potty on Command

Dog's Portrait
Dog's Portrait
Brown Dogs
Group Classes
Dog's Portrait

Our dog training services are customized to fit your dog's needs

Please contact us for more information 

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