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Canine Campers Program


Canine Campers

Our Canine Campers Program recipients receive a three week immersive training experience in our trainer's home, followed by lessons until graduation into group class, and follow-up support for the entire life of the dog. Training equipment costs are included, as well as eligibility to join our group classes. 

What sets us apart from the rest... 

  • We can come to you. Avoid the traffic of North San Diego County. Our trainer can meet with you in the convenience of your own home and even pick your dog up for you, and drop them off when they are done!* 

  • Our Trainer is certified by the world renowned dog training school in CA, The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers, and has interned under some of the top trainers in the country to further her education. 

  • Your dogs will stay with us in our home to work on their training 24/7, giving them the best possible foundation in all their newly learned behaviors. 

  • We work on training in real-life settings, and incorporate down time, puppy-play time, and long walks into our training day! Our Canine Campers Program is where we can provide you with the most reliable training that is obtainable with your dog. 

  • Dogs come and stay with our trainer in their home and work through their obedience training day in and day out for the duration of their stay. 

  • During their stay your dog will learn sit, loose leash walking, a recall, and a place command. Additionally, nuisance behaviors will be addressed, instilling self control and a sense of work ethic in your dog. All of these commands include an implied stay, and will be reliable in any environment or setting, on or off leash. We are also able to provide playtime sessions with other, appropriate training dogs to have them be able to ‘let loose’ in a fun way while they are with us. 



Boarding & Training
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