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Puppy Program

Dog's Portrait
Ultimate Puppy Program

Want to make sure your puppy gets the best possible socialization and training foundation during those critical first weeks home? Send them to the pros! Our Ultimate Puppy Program ensures your puppy is set up for success from day one, and all through their various stages of growth into adulthood. 


An Ultimate Puppy Program begins with a two week immersive training experience, in our trainer's home. During your puppy’s stay with us, they will learn:

  • crate training

  • potty training

  • luring for food

  • foundation for a reliable recall 

  • foundation to sit and down

  • grooming and exam etiquette

  • foundation to a place command

  • socialization with safe and appropriate dogs

  • foundation for a loose leash walking command

  • socialization, both in public and in a home setting


Once your puppy comes home, we will preform weekly or bi-weekly forty five minute lessons to help integrate puppy back home.

Once your puppy has reached  between six and ten months, the learning experience continues! Your puppy will receive twelve in-home Accelerated sessions, where we build upon your puppy's foundation to provide a smooth transition into adulthood obedience. Once your dog has completed all Accelerated sessions, you have unlimited lessons until your entry into group class, to ensure continued success with your pup!

This comprehensive program allows for your puppy to receive the best foundation and follow through training, while still allowing the family to be present and very active in all phases of training.


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