Aleandra (Ali) Plasil

Ali is a certified professional dog trainer, having studied at the the world-renowned Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers. Following formal schooling, Ali has studied under some of the top sport dog trainers in the country. In addition, Ali continuously attends various workshops and seminars. Ali has had an affinity for all animals from a young age, however her love for dogs has always been unparalleled. 


Ali began her professional training career at just 18, after being asked to join the team of a training company where she had been attending classes with her personal dogs. She enjoyed helping handlers learn how to effectively communicate with their dogs and assist them in their growth as a team. However, she felt that the group class setting did not allow her to assist handlers in an individualized manner, as she would like. Ali's quest for a more personalized program lead her to begin her own company. The ability to assist handlers better their relationship with their dogs is a skill Ali prides herself in. 

In addition to helping others with their pet dogs, Ali participates in various dog sports with her personal dogs. Most prominently, a bitework sport, "Mondioring" ,with her Belgain Malinois. Ali has competed in Rally, Lure coursing, Dock diving, and Herding over the years, as well. Currently, Ali is exploring the challenge of high-level Trick Dog Training.  

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