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A Primary Lesson Program consists of three, one-hour long periods of instruction or consulting. This option is perfect for those whose training goals are geared primarily in and around the home. Additionally, for those who are experienced handlers, this Primary Program can provide assistance targeting trouble areas, such as formal retrieves, competition heeling, engagement with the handler, and more. Clients who purchase a Primary Program are welcome to upgrade at any time, for just the difference in cost between packages. 


A Premium Lesson Program is a goal-based program, meaning we continue to work together until ALL your training goals have been achieved! Additionally, ALL training equipment costs are included within the program. Premium Lesson Program members also receive unlimited entry to our twice weekly group classes, and follow-up support for the lifetime of your dog. This program is perfect for those who want to be an integral part of the training, and whose training goals include having a well mannered pup in and around the home, as well as the community. 

Private Lessons and Accelerated Programs

Dog's Portrait

What is an Accelerated Session? An Accelerated Session will entail our professional dog trainer coming to your home, to work one on one with your dog for approximately an hour. You can choose to stay home, or go out and leave us a key! This gives the trainer an opportunity to focus solely on your dog’s training, and will allow a better chance for long term success, once we show you how to maintain the skills your dog has learned. Training equipment costs are included, as well as eligibility to join our group classes, and lifetime follow-up support. 


Basic Accelerated Program
A total of four Accelerated Sessions AND goal-oriented lessons until graduation into group class.

Advanced Accelerated Program

A total of eight Accelerated Sessions AND goal-oriented lessons until graduation into group class.